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Since 1970, Kinetico has been the leader in quality water treatment throughout Southern California and in over 100 countries worldwide.
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I want people to be aware of what’s in their homes, and how to improve and protect these things – like their water. I am excited to partner up with Kinetico to help homeowners understand the importance of having their water analyzed and diagnosed by a water professional and then lead them to Kinetico’s reliable and customized solutions to treat their water.

– Mike Holmes

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I believe that your home should make life better. An important part of that is having clean, clear, healthy water. There are so many benefits from the well-being of your family to reduce wear and tear on your fixtures and plumbing system. That’s why I installed a Kinetico whole Home water system.

– Jonathan Scott, Property Brothers

kinetico water filtration equipment

kinetico water filtration equipment
Local Water System Solutions

Environment Water Filtration Riverside Water Processors

While there’s nothing wrong with tap water, it isn’t always ideal. The average American consumes over 150 bottles of water per year. Most only wind up recycling a small portion of that plastic, leaving it to take up permanent residence in our landfills and oceans.

Here at Environment Water Filtration, it’s our mission to provide access to high-quality water at the simple turn of a faucet handle, to as many homes in the Riverside area as possible.

Why Should You Consider Professional Water Services?

Many people drink the water that comes directly out of their tap and are perfectly fine. For the most part, strict regulation and code enforcement have made access to clean, city-filtered, drinking water almost universal.

However, even if you swear by your tap and refuse to purchase bottled water, utilizing a professional-grade water treatment device in your home can improve your quality of life.

Here are the main reasons why everyone should consider professional water services from Environment Water Filtration:

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