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Meet Environment Water Filtration

Environment Water Filtration has been in the water industry for over 33 years, ensuring that residents in Riverside and the surrounding areas of Orange County get the water filtration they deserve. Our team sets high standards — and we strive to spread sustainable, safe water systems throughout the community.

Why Work With Us?

When it comes to the water you use to bathe, cook, clean and drink, there’s no room for error. Whether you’re concerned about harmful particles or inconvenient minerals, you deserve a water system that’s designed for your unique needs. That’s why Environment Water Filtration works so hard to make our services custom and high-quality.

Authorized, Independent Kinetico Dealers

Over the last 30 years, we’ve been proud authorized, independent dealers of Kinetico water filtration products. Kinetico’s water filters, softeners and conditioning systems are top-of-the-line and designed to deliver clean, great-tasting water to every home in the area.

Free Estimates

Sometimes, you don’t know what the best course of action is to address your hard or unfiltered water — you need a professional opinion. Luckily, Environment Water Filtration offers free estimates on system installations so that you can get an accurate idea of your new system before promising anything.


The majority of our water systems come with a 10-year warranty, protecting your investment over years of use.

Turn To Environment Water Filtration For Expert Care

When you need efficient solutions for your home’s water quality, our team at Environment Water Filtration is here to offer the service you’re looking for. Customer-satisfaction is our top priority — meaning you never have to worry about the quality of our work!

Put your trust in our expertise and experience the difference a home water system can make. To get started, reach out to our team!

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